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OSET debuted the 24.0 concept bike at the UK Dirt Bike Show at the end of 2014.

From that time forward the 24.0 has been developed into the incredible 2017 production models. A powerful new OSET motor, controller, and battery have been designed to work in unison on this machine. This was truly a ground up design that takes OSET into new territory and new heights.

This is NOT just a trials bike. This is possibly the most fun electric bike ever created, and appeals to a vast range of ages and riding interests. From youth and adult trials riders, to mountain bikers, to parents following their youngsters, to a cool pit bike, to a back yard training machine. This machine suits so many!

The OSET 24.0 features high end components,19” motorcycle rims are strong and light, mated with trials tires front and rear, resulting in a taller, lighter bike more suited for teenagers and adults up to 90kg (198lbs). The 20ah high output OSET lithium battery offers increased power and run time, while reducing weight. The motor is a new 1400w OSET unit with hardened sprockets, and heavy duty chain. The OSET controller is a high power unit and features the fully adjustable power, speed, and throttle response to suit the rider. The adjustable RST forks, and new DNM rear shock, provide increased travel and smooth ride. Avid hydraulic brakes with a 180mm discs front and rear ensure powerful, progressive braking. Also, the new magnetic lanyard adds a level of safety and is competition legal.

The 24.0R model has spent a lot of time in the hands of Oliver Smith, Chris Northover and Jack Field – all very familiar riders with tens of millions of YouTube views between them. These are very advanced riders pulling some big moves! At the same time, the adjust-ability allows the bike to be used by beginners taking their first steps into the world of motorcycles.

Changes for 2018:

- The 24.0R will now use upgraded potentiometers, strengthened rear shock bolts, a 10T front sprocket and a new solid rear sprocket.

- The 24.0R will also use a revised controller with reduced engine braking and smoother power curve. This updated controller will deliver more power and shorter potentiometer wires to avoid excess cabling inside the bike.

- Full size, ‘OSET’ branded grips will now be fitted to the 24.0R.

  Motor - 1400W 48V OSET neodymium magnet DC motor.
  Controller - 48V OSET with thermal cut-out, adjustable for power, speed & response.
  Wheelbase - 1215mm (47.8’’).
  Ground Clearance - 315mm (12.4’’).
  Handlebar Height - 1090mm (42.9’’).
  Wheels - 19’’ x 1.4’’ Alloy rims/hubs
  Suspension - Front telescopic spring fork, Compression adjustment & oil damping. Rear shock, preload & compression adjustment, oil damping.
  Brakes - Front 180mm & rear 180mm hydraulic disc.
  Batteries - 1 x OSET 20Ah, 48V Lithium battery, with charging, discharging & diagnostic ports.
  Charger - 3 amp 48V, Lithium Ion.
  Rider Weight Limit - 198lbs (90.0kg)

MSRP - $4399