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This flywheel weight will fit on the Sherco trial bike. The flywheel weight changes the power delivery making the bike smoother and more controllable off the bottom. It will help the bike grip better and help prevent stalling. It also comes with an ignition cover spacer, gasket, and longer ignition cover bolts. For models 2012 and up.



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    Flywheel weight

    Posted by Dale on Nov 4th 2020

    Would not fit my 2012 Sherco 290 . Mounting holes all wrong. I did drill and tap the flywheel to mount the weight to it. I would not recommend doing this if you do not have machining experience. I like the low speed torque difference the weight made.

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    Can actually tell, helps newbie out

    Posted by Chris A Stout on Nov 20th 2019

    First off, was easier to install than I thought. Use loctite. Only took about 15 minutes and I can tell the difference, I feel more control.

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    Seems to help with stalling

    Posted by Charles Shanks on Aug 19th 2019

    Definitely helps with stalling on my 18 ST250 factory, smoothed the bottom end out a little at take off, which is where i would stall some times (similar to what others have said). Fairly easy to fit. I pressed the inserts in as they are tight and didn't want to use a punch.

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    Must have to smooth power for novice rider

    Posted by Todd on Apr 1st 2018

    I put this on my 300 Sherco Factory it made a big difference in power delivery. smoothed it out made it crawel without stalling Makes it a lot more forgiving for a nov. trials rider

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    S3 flywheel weight works

    Posted by Dorian Sleeper on Mar 6th 2017

    I wanted to tame the off-idle power of my '12 Sherco 290 and smooth the delivery. The S3 flywheel weight did just that! The motor will crawl along at low rpm giving the bike good grip in the mud without stalling and still has enough "hit" to clear an obstacle. Really transformed the bike. Well-made and the installation was straightforward.