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S3 Star Head compression insert for Sherco SE enduro motorcycles. Uses the best alloys available to obtain a better power output and improved traction. The advantage of these heads is that they can hold more water and have thicker walls which helps with the cooling rate thus improving low revs power. These inserts allow you to regulate the compression in your engine for the various terrain you ride. Inserts fit with S3 Star Heads and also provide increased cooling capacity.


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    This is a great product

    Posted by Andrew on Oct 19th 2016

    I bought the high/high insert to put in my 2015 Sherco SER 250 and it does everything I hoped it would. My last bike was a KTM 300 exc and I missed some of the low down punch that bike had. This insert has largely given me that type of power again. The bike now has more low end punch and more quickly makes the transition from low revs to a more solid mid range. It has really increased and smoothed the power in the low to mid range. It fit the stock head perfectly and it has not caused any detonation or other ill effects. I am at close to sea level so if that was going to happen it would happen here.