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These boots are very high quality leather boots. They are the classic model and have a water proof liner. These boots look great and last a long time. Please refer to the sizing guide below before ordering. Be sure to add the Gaerne waterproof polish to your cart to keep these looking stellar.


We recommend a Gaerne or Sherco Riding Sock:



US to European Size Chart

6 40
6.5 40
7 41
7.5 41
8 42
8.5 42
9 43
9.5 43
10 44
10.5 44
11 45
11.5 45
12 46
12.5 46
13 47
13.5 47
14 48
14.5 48
15 49
15.5 49
16 50


  • 5
    Trials boots

    Posted by Russ Victor on Sep 19th 2022

    I really like these. It’s my second pair and when it’s time, I’ll buy them again.

  • 5
    Best trials boots!

    Posted by Gabby on Mar 18th 2021

    I ride in Gaerne Classic Boots for over 10 years (both trials and enduro). To me they are the most comfortable, best fitting boots. A pair typically last me about 4 - 5 years (I have multiple pairs, one for trials, one for enduro). I prefer the flat sole, as opposed to curved sole on some other brands. Love that the sole is stitched, as opposed to glued. The waterproofness also comes very handy. I like this newer style with plastic shin guard. Overall the Gaerne styling is great too, altho I personally prefer (and bought) the all White ones. I am picky when it come to shoes :) If I am spending $300 on a pair of boots, which I am gonna wear every weekend for next 5 years, they better look well!

  • 5
    Keep your Feet Dry and Comfortable

    Posted by Bill H on Dec 9th 2019

    Great boots, like wearing a glove from the 1st ride and forward.